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Our restaurant menu is creative, based on the mediterranean traditions, wich has the rule of using products of the seasons and of high quality.
The pizza menu offers a dietetic and light pizza (even though it’s diameter is of 36 cm), wich has passionate many of our clients threw the years.
Our dish of the day is a single dish wich contains a first dish, main cours and a side dish.
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Our cuisine


The young chef Pino Dimondo, finished his studies at the hotel school Vespucci in Milan and then travelled working in Europe for 3 years.

After he’s return to Milan he decided to open his restaurant together with his friend Ernesto Basilico and Daniela Criscuoli, the restaurant Al Basilico Fresco.


Our pizza has been an invention of Ernesto Basilico our companion and dear friend for many years, who was passionated by the dietetic cuisine.

Our pizza is dietetic and easy to digest ( even thow the diameter is fo 36 cm), and has passionate many of our guests ears passing.


It is prepared with flour of bread wheat, of soya and wheat germ, without animal fat and with a slow and a natural increase.

This way the pizza bread is thin, crisp and easy to digest.


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