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Our restaurant menu is creative, based on the mediterranean traditions, wich has the rule of using products of the seasons and of high quality.
The pizza menu offers a dietetic and light pizza (even though it’s diameter is of 36 cm), wich has passionate many of our clients threw the years.
Our dish of the day is a single dish wich contains a first dish, main cours and a side dish.
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Our Restaurant menu

Our restaurant cuisine is perfectly Mediterranean, flavoured with creativity, elegance, and fantasy that makes it unique in its way.

Hors d’oeuvres

Steamed squid with honey melon and French beans
Salad of fennel and mushrooms with sliver of parmesan
Octopus alla Catalana (with cherry tomatoes and red onions of Tropea)
Tartar of fresh tuna fish with black olives
Shrimp salad with rocket salad and palmito
Salmon carpaccio with vegetables
Cocktail of shrimp and pine-apple with dressing
Tartar of fresh salmon with fennel salad
Capesante au gratin with porcini mushrooms
Salad of of oven cooked cuttlefish perfumed with thyme and asparagus
Mixed fish
Mozzarella of buffalos milk alla Caprese (with tomatoes and basil)
Bruschetta with parma ham and basil flavoured olive oil
Bruschetta with chicory and scamorza cheese
Bruschetta with fresh cherry tomatoes and basil
Bruschetta with lard from Colonnata and cherry tomatoes

First Dish

Rigatoni with tomato sauce and basil
Spaghetti with mussels, clams and botargo of tuna fish
Spaghetti with small lobsters and courgette flowers
Pennette with mixed vegetables and saffron
Cavatelli with seafood flavoured with oregano
Malloreddus with pecorino cream, zucchini and almond
Potato pasta with smoked provola (cheese) and sweet bacon au gratin
Pappardelle with porcini mushrooms and sweet pecorino
Orecchiette of wholemeal with shrimp and courgette flowers
Pennette with scampi and shrimp
Troffiette with pesto of basil and caprino cheese
Ravioli filled with ricotta of cheap with butter and tyme
Risotto with fresh strawberries and sweet pecorino
Risotto with courgette flowers and scampi


Cubes of beef fillet with mustard and asparagus tops in cream
Escalope with courgette flowers
Escalope with porcini mushrooms and taleggio cheese
Roses of beef with caper fruit and lemon
Saltimbocca (veal) the Roman way
Veal slices with porcini mushrooms
Paillard (veal) on the grill
Our veal cutlet the Milan way with cherry tomatoes and rocket salad


Millefeuille with strawberries
Delicious cake with pears and chocolate and vanilla sauce
Apple cake with vanilla sauce
Chocolate sausage

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