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Our restaurant menu is creative, based on the mediterranean traditions, wich has the rule of using products of the seasons and of high quality.
The pizza menu offers a dietetic and light pizza (even though it’s diameter is of 36 cm), wich has passionate many of our clients threw the years.
Our dish of the day is a single dish wich contains a first dish, main cours and a side dish.
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The menu of our Pizza

All our pizzas are prepared with flour of bread wheat, of soya and wheat germ, without animal fat and with a slow and a natural increase. This way the pizza bread is thin, crisp and easy to digest.

It’s the perfect pizza for all the diets.



Briosa (tomato, mozzarella cheese, wild mushrooms, Prague ham, brie )
Delicata (tomato, mozzarella cheese, cooked ham, spicy salami, onions)
Parmigiana (tomato, mozzarella cheese, aubergine, parmesan cheese)
Carrettiere (tomato, mozzarella cheese, salami, gorgonzola cheese)
Francese (tomato, mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, brie)
Pomodoro rosa (tomato, mozzarella cheese, cooked ham, mushrooms)
Pancetta e porcini (tomato, mozzarella cheese, bacon, porcini mushrooms)
Porcellosa (tomato, mozzarella cheese, sausage, porcini mushrooms)
Boscaiola (tomato, mozzarella cheese, gorgonzola cheese, mushrooms)
Ricca (tomato, mozzarella cheese, spicy salami, bresaola, rocket, grana)
Bacon e radicchio (tomato, mozzarella cheese, bacon, chicory)
Gustosa (tomato, mozzarella cheese, spicy salami, ricotta cheese)
Pazza (tomato, mozzarella cheese, gorgonzola cheese, raw ham)
Pugliese (tomato, mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato, basil, onions, grana)
Mamma mia (tomato, mozz., spicy salami, anchovies, oregano, tabasco)
Appetitosa (tomato, mozzarella cheese, tuna, onions)
Qui Quo Qua (tomato, mozzarella cheese, brie, wild mushrooms, rocket)
Zucchine e salsiccia (tomato, mozzarella cheese, courgettes, sausage)
Nuovo impero (tomato, mozzarella cheese, aubergine, spicy salami, zola)
Romana (tomato, mozzarella cheese, ricotta, courgettes, capers, oregano)
Euro pizza (tomato., mozz., egg, asparagus, grana, smoked bacon)
Blob (tomato, mozzarella cheese.... and the fantasy of the pizza maker!!!)
A modo mio (tomato., mozz., smoked bacon, grana cheese, fresh tomato)
Brie e pancetta (tomato, mozzarella cheese, fersh brie, bacon)
Pianura (tomato, mozzarella cheese, asparagus, gorgonzola cheese)
Altavalle (tomato, mozzarella cheese, bresaola, porcini mushrooms)


Marinara (tomato, garfic)
Margherita (tomato, mozzarella cheese)
Napoletana (tomato, mozzarella cheese, courgettes, oregano)
Ortolana (tomato, mozzarella cheese, vegetables)
Rucola e Pomodoro (tomato, mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato, rocket)
Prosciutto crudo (tomato, mozzarella cheese, raw ham)
Prosciutto cotto (tomato, mozzarella cheese, cooked ham)
Praga e scamorza (tomato, scamorza cheese, Prague ham)
Salame piccante (tomato, mozzarella cheese, spicy salami)
Speck e scamorza (tomato, scamorza cheese, bacon)
Quattro stagioni
(tomato, mozzarella cheese, cooked ham, artichokes, mushrooms, olives)


Mediterranea (fresh tomato, mozzarella cheese, oil and basil, grana)
Carciofona (mozzarella cheese, artichokes)
Montevecchia (mozzarella cheese, caprino cheese, wild mushrooms)
Prague porcini (mozzarella cheese, porcini mushrooms, Prague ham)
Quattro formaggi (gorgonzola, mozzarella, parmesan cheese, scamorza)
Taleggio (mozzarella cheese, taleggio cheese, courgettes)
Affumicata ( porcini mushrooms, scamorza cheeese, bacon)
Patatosa (potatoes, mozzarella cheese, bacon)
Italia (gorgonzola cheese, mozzarella cheese, chicory, rocket)
Porcini radicchio (porcini mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, chicory)
Elite (mozzarella cheese, taleggio, porcini mushrooms, raw ham)
Biancaneve (mozzarella cheese, cold buffalo cheese, fresh tomato)
Provolona (provola, mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato, smoked bacon)


Alonissos (tomato, feta cheese, onions, oregano)
Contadina (artichokes, chicory, rocket, aubergine, courgettes)
Pecoraio (tomato, ricotta cheese, fresh tomatoes)
San Remo (tomato, courgettes, onions, oregano, fresh tomatoes)
Granarita (tomato, flakes of grana, fresh tomatoes)
Bufalita (tomato, fresh tomatoes, cold buffalo mozzarella cheese)
Vegetariana (tomato, vegetables)


Fornarina (mozzarella cheese, raw ham, rosemary)
Regina (tomato, mozzarella cheese, cooked ham, wild mushrooms)
Bismark (tomato, mozzarella cheese, cooked ham, egg)
Pere e zola (mozzarella cheese, pear, gorgonzola cheese, smoked bacon)
Montebianco (mozzarella cheese, egg, bresaola, grana cheese, parsley)
Diavolina (tomato, mozzarella cheese, spicy salami, gorgonzola, chilli)
Nordica (tomato, mozzarella cheese, hot dog, gorgonzola cheese)

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